Johnson City, New York • Hiawatha District • Baden-Powell Council


It takes a lot to make a Pack go. We could do nothing without our outstanding group of ScoutParents. We could also do nothing without funding. Keeping costs low is a big desire of the Pack since it affords more fun to more Cub Scouts. Annual membership fees and weekly dues form a solid base upon which to build but it is often necessary to raise additional money to defer the cost of program expenses and to help subsidize the cost of events that our Pack participates in.

To this end, the Pack frequently arranges for FUNdraising opportunities. In most cases, a portion of the proceeds raised directly benefits the Cub Scout involved in the sale. These monies will be placed in the Scout's Individual Account which can be used for other Scouting events including the purchase of event tickets and summer camps. In other cases, where individual contributions are harder to assess, proceeds will be placed in the Pack's general fund to offset the costs associated with operating the Pack and to reduce the initial cost of Scouting events.

Trail's End Popcorn

Our primary FUNdraiser is the semi-annual Cub Scout popcorn sale which many Packs participate in (held each Fall and each Spring). Fully 70% of the proceeds generated from this sale stay with local scouting, divided between the council, the local pack and individual scout.


Check the popcorn page for more details including a list of items for purchase and directions on order pickup.

Other FUNdraising

Throughout the Scouting year, the Pack has other efforts including an annual Christmas tree sale and sales of other products. Details on these FUNdraisers are released as appropriate.

NOTE: The Pack realizes that not everyone is comfortable with FUNdraising. We also understand that not everyone is a salesman and not everyone has the same network of friends and family. So true to our background, all we can say is Do Your Best.